5 ideas for toys storage and playroom decoration

I’m always in search of new ideas for my girls’ room. Or should I say for any part of the house so it looks more tidy since there are toys and books everywhere? What is a playroom anyway? Our kitchen, living room, and dining room could certainly be considered playrooms apart from their bedroom.

Since we buy almost everything on Amazon these days, one of my favorite things to do is to recycle cardboard boxes. When my oldest was younger, we built a sensory board. Most recently, I’ve been using cardboard boxes (including diaper ones) to organize books and toys in the living room.


Below are some other ideas that we like, although we haven’t implemented all of them (yet):

  1. Bookshelves. We love Ikea’s kids bookshelves because they are safe, affordable, and they go well with any theme / colors since you can paint them however you want. We have two of them next to the bed at an accessible height, so our girls can reach out for books any time they want.
  2. Dress-up corner. With just a hanger, a storage basket, and maybe a mirror you can turn any corner into a pretty cool dress-up corner. Unmatched socks, old clothes, halloween costumes, cardboard hats, an old scarf, and voilà, every day is dress-up day.
  3. Under crib storage. Get some storage bins at the Container Store -or maybe recycle some more of those cardboard boxes- and use them to store books, small toys, etc. under the crib. Another cute and affordable idea to keep the bedroom organized.
  4. Chalkboard wall. I’ve always been in love with the idea of painting one wall with chalkboard paint in my house but I’ve never owned the house where I lived before. Now that I do, I’m just trying to figure out which wall to convert into a permanent mural in our house. I’m also waiting until the girls are a bit older so they don’t think all walls are fair game for painting!
  5. Wall decorations that turn into play mats. My friend recently introduced me to this brand, Gathre, which makes really nice leather pieces which you can use to decorate a wall and also use as a play mat when they are older.
Image source: Gathre


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