About page

I am the mother of two precious girls and I love them to the moon and back.

I’m also married to the best life partner I could’ve ever dreamt of, Ignacio.

I was born in Sabadell (Spain) and currently live in San Francisco, California.

I work at Stackbit, love technology, swimming, traveling, and concerts. I am into metal, punk rock, and anything but reggaeton and hip hop.

So far, I find parenting not only exciting but truly amazing. Our little ones teach me things every day and have helped me become more patient. I’m enjoying every second of it, even when they scream and I’m holding one of them with one hand, two water bottles with the other, and a bag with my mouth, but all they want is that other toy over there.

I plan to share personal experiences but also tips and tricks that work for us and help us be the happy shiny people we are. Thank you for stopping by.