Native, the best shoes for the summer

I love Native shoes. My daughter is using her second pair (she outgrew the first one already) and we couldn’t be happier with them. We recently got back from a trip to Spain and she got plenty of compliments about her red Native shoes (they’re not very popular there yet).

Even though they’re not meant for hiking or anything like that, for me, they’re the perfect shoes for the summer. Here’re a few reasons why.

Native vs. Crocs and other summer shoes

Most children have problems with flip flops, specially younger ones like my daughter (she just turned 2). Crocs offer a bit more protection and are very comfortable (or so I’ve been told, I’ve never owned a pair), but I just don’t like their looks (and I’m guessing I’m not  the only parent who thinks this way :P).

Crocs and Native shoes are very similar in terms of features, but Native tend to fit a bit better and are more stylish. They are both made of plastic, although Native’s seems to be a bit softer.

Are Natives for everyone? Not for everyone. If your child has a wide foot, you may be better off with Crocs. The Miller style fits a bit wider than the Jefferson one. But still, if your child has extra wide feet, Natives are not ideal. That is about the only cont I’ve found about Native shoes so far.

Native shoes main features

Waterproof. Although not good for swimming, you can wear them at the beach, in the water (to protect from rocks or big stones for example) or outside to play.

  • Comfort. They are very comfortable, flexible, and lightweight (extra points for traveling!).

  • Easy to clean. They can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth or with a water hose. You can also use detergent on really dirty spots. Finally, they’re machine washable (not good for the drier though).

5 reasons why I love NAtive shoes

  1. No need to wear socks, which is good in summer since it gets really warm.

  2. Bye-bye stinky feet. Natives are breathable and don’t stink at all.

  3. They come in many different fun colors and styles and they go well with everything: a dress, shorts and a t-shirt, and even just with a swimsuit. My daughter has been wearing them every day this summer.


4. Even though they’re slip-ons, they’re really easy to put on and take off

5. Durable. As I mentioned, my daughter has been wearing them every day this summer and, after cleaning, they still look like new.