Surreal things we say to our kids

Kids say the most funny things some times, like when our second daughter was born and our almost 3 year old introduced her to her baby doll:

Hi Layla, this is my baby doll, you guys are going to be friends

I thought it was brilliant and couldn’t stop laughing about it. As parents, we do also find ourselves quite often in odd situations where we say surreal things to our children.

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I’m part of a Facebook group called ‘Moms in tech‘, and a few weeks ago there was a hilarious thread about unbelievable things that we’ve said to our kids.

Here’s my top 10:

We don’t ride the baby (to a toddler when baby brother started crawling).

No yoga during baseball.

Cover your mouth when you sneeze, no not with your sister’s head.

Yes, I know Nana doesn’t, but you have to wear underwear to bed.

Don’t worry, dreams don’t come true (after waking up in the middle of a nightmare).

It’s not a Volvo (we have a Volvo), it’s a vulva, and please take your hands off of it when you’re in a place with other people.

I am okay with you jiggling my belly fat if I can sleep 5 more minutes.

Ok sure, we live on Saturn not Earth, now please go to sleep.

Stop using the force on me, and eat your lunch!

And finally, my favorite one because we use it quite a lot:

You can’t have dessert until you finish your pizza.

What are some surreal things that you’ve said to your kids?