Earth Day 2019 🌍🪴

Last Saturday, April 13th, we went to Palo Alto to celebrate and volunteer at the Earth Day Ride & Drive. It was a great event to go with the girls, play, dance, eat, and learn about recycling, and also to spread the word about electric vehicles (EVs).

Earth Day activities for the children

There were a bunch of activities for children of all ages, plus the weather was great so hanging out, playing, running, and dancing with the live music felt just great.

I liked the games to learn about the planet and win prizes (we got a timer for the shower that Mar loves, so we’ll be saving some water from now on :)), and also the quizzes for the adults.

The older kids could participate in the runs (10k and 5k) and there was also a shorter race for the youngest.

Another cool activity for the older kids was the guided bird walk. Looking forward to doing something like this with my girls in a few years!

Here’s the full schedule of the morning:

Last but not least, the city of Palo Alto offered some awesome entertainment for the youngest: a real fire truck and a police truck where you could go in and check out by yourselves.

The police truck was pretty impressive, equipped with the latest technology, and the policemen told us all about it. Chase and Marshall (from Paw Patrol, in the improbable case that you’re not familiar with them) would be proud of us.

Mar liked the trucks so much that she almost sneaked in the food truck when I wasn’t looking!

Speaking of which… the ecologic food that the food truck served, the Argentinian empanadas, the water refills, and the free snacks including coffee and home made muffins, were all yummy.

Ride & Drive

Ignacio spent most of the morning volunteering at the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley booth, going on and on about Teslas and the wonders of EVs. Thanks to the EV owners volunteering at the event (at the TOSV booth, but also at EV Charge, Chargepoint, and others), attendees could just show up, get in a list, and ride or drive an EV themselves. This was more for the parents than for the children, but still pretty cool. If you want to read more about it, check out the blog post we wrote for about Earth Day EV Ride & Drive in Palo Alto.


To finish a great day, at home, we watered our new plants. Mommy and daddy have always been really bad at taking care of plants. But my parents were recently visiting  from Spain and had the best time teaching Mar everything they know about the garden, and helping her get started with a few plants. So now we have parsley and hierba buena in our “garden”, and hopefully soon we’ll have roses too.

This is Mar happy watering her plants: