Mommy and daddy super powers

Us, mommies and daddies, we have superpowers.

We see things no one else can see. We find things no one else can find. And we do things that, obviously, no one else can do.

We find tights in the undies drawer, jackets in the closet, shoes in the shoe rack, and hair ties in the bathroom. We also find bottles in the kitchen cabinets, baby food in the fridge, and play-doh in the toy storage container. It’s-a-ma-zing.

My daughter (ok, she’s only 3), my husband, and my mom (who has clearly lost her mommy super powers now that she’s become a grandma), all checked the pantry and swore to me the kitchen bags were not there.

The reason I was given is the blue bags where on top of the kitchen bags box.

My husband is in charge of the laundry at home, but when monkey pants, socks that the girls wear on every day basis, or that dress that our oldest daughter *really needs* to wear today, disappear… only mommies and daddies can find them. You’d think it’s easy to resolve those mysteries, but it’s not. If only my daughter’s dress wouldn’t keep moving between the dirty clothes basket and the clean clothes pile.

As mommies and daddies, we’re also supposed to know where everyone’s belongings are. For example, why is that I always know where my husband’s sunglasses are and he doesn’t? I don’t wear them, they’re not mine, the only reason I care is he has already lost two pairs.

We also seem to be the ones that know where the garbage can is. I am handed over all sorts of different residues- tissues, food leftovers, plastic wraps, food that was in baby’s mouth and baby doesn’t want anymore- both by my daughter and husband, so I can toss it. Clearly, they must not know where the garbage is, otherwise they’d be doing that themselves.

Another favorite of mine is spotting ants and killing them. To be honest, our daughter is getting really good at it, and in her defense I have to say we don’t let her use the ant kill products because they’re toxic. However, nor my husband or my parents, or anyone else in the family, see the ants until I point at them. They also don’t see the food that attracts them on the counter or the floors. Sight.


Before publishing this blog post I read it to my husband and we both laughed about it together (ok, maybe I laughed a little bit louder). In our family of four, I am the person that finds everything most of the times, but I am also the person that goes to the grocery store to buy three things and forgets two (this has actually happened to me), the person that doesn’t remember anything unless writes it down, and the person that keeps losing her phone over and over (that’s the one thing I never seem to be able to find). That is to say that this blog post is not a rant, just an attempt to make you smile in the middle of a crazy day.

PS. Hopefully that dress appears soon so no one has to suffer the consequences of not being able to wear it right here right now and the meltdown that will probably go with it .