Mini Melissa Campana Zig Zag shoes

A couple of weeks ago we went shoe shopping for the summer season. When Mar was 2,  I wrote a blog post of why we love Native shoes for the summer, and we still haven’t changed our mind and keep buying them every year. Last year we had purple, but this year Mar really wanted the red again.

While at the store, we spotted some really cute shoes and we immediately fell in love with them. Please meet the Mini Melissa Campana Zig Zag. They felt and looked so soft and comfortable that I almost want to buy a pair for myself. Mar, of course, was convinced even before trying them out just because of the glitter. You could see the sparkles in her eyes.

The fact that we had three weddings to attend this season helped, since the Mini Melissa Campana are not only comfortable and easy to wash, but also elegant and perfect to dress up a bit.

Pros and cons of Mini Melissa Campana Zig Zag shoes

I’ve already talked about the pros, but there are more:

  • Breathable, no sweaty feet

  • Easy to put on and go with a velcro strap that seems it’s going to break but it’s really good quality. Easier than the Native, I’d say!

  • Waterproof, my favorite quality of any summer shoe

  • They smell really good, as they are infused with a signature fragrance

  • Lightly padded, super comfy and flexible

  • Soft, soft, soft

  • Cute, cute, cute

  • Never have to argue with my daughter, she always wants to wear them and they go with everything!

If I had to find some cons though…

  • They’re a bit pricey, look out for deals!

  • I almost don’t want her to wear them every day because she’s going to wear them out much faster than I’d like

Looking for a more affordable alternative?

Old Navy’s jellies are definitely not the same but a good and more affordable alternative for everyday summer shoes that your kid may or may not wear every day to go in the sandbox.

We got Mar a pair of these and are pretty happy as well.

However, I’ll admit these would have never worked for me as a kid with my weird shaped and sweaty feet, since they are less breathable and not so soft.

They also have a nice fragrance, not so nice as the Mini Melissa’s.

And they’re approximately one fifth of the price.

If we keep finding nice shoes for the summer I guess we’ll have to start making decisions because the summer is not long enough to wear so many nice shoes. Right now, I can’t think of a better combination than Mini Melissa jellies and Native to meet all of our needs: park, swimming pool, beach, playground, water, and special occasions. We’re maybe missing something for hikes, but I guess we’re not there yet.