How to prepare for a Coronavirus outbreak

The Coronavirus is traveling fast and this week there has been a case for the first time in my hometown, Barcelona. The patient is 36 and the case doesn’t seem too bad, she traveled from Italy and most likely brought it from there, and 25 other people are preventively being kept at home for two weeks.

So far, the Coronavirus has caused  80,000 infections and 2,700 deaths. The good news is that children seem less vulnerable to COVID-19, but with two little ones at home, it’s never a bad idea to get ready for a potential Coronavirus outbreak in our area. If nothing happens, we can always still use the stuff or donate it, and if it does, well, then we’ll be prepared.

The main motivation to stock up on food and meds is not because there’s going to be a shortage- although there may be- N95 masks are already currently unavailable on Amazon in my area- but to avoid crowds in order to reduce your chances of getting infected.


Cleaning supplies & other supplies


  • If you take daily medications, make sure you have enough for 2 weeks

  • Fever reducers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen

  • Hydrating drinks such as Gatorade and Pedialyte for kids

Hopefully, you won’t need this list, but if you do, you’ll be ready.