Making a Planet with Mod Podge

When I was a kid I loved making planets. I used styrofoam balls and covered them with some sort of textured paint (I can’t remember what it was) and then acrylic paint. It was the best. My oldest daughter name is ‘Mar’ which means ‘sea’ in Spanish but also she thinks she has her own planet: Mars. So when I suggested this idea, she got really excited about it. Since I didn’t have styrofoam balls or a newspaper to make a papier mache one, I decided to improvise with what I had. It turned out pretty good.


  • Preparation time: n/a

  • Age range: 4 and older

  • Degree of parent involvement during activity: high

  • Entertainment time: 1-2 hours split in 2 different days

  • Level of success: high


  • A balloon

  • Paper – This is the one we used, but I’d say the thinner the better

  • Kids scissors

  • Mod Podge – We used the one with matte finish

  • Acrylic paint

  • Brushes for the paint and also to apply the Mod Podge


Step 1. Cut the paper into squares like this

Step 2. Inflate the balloon

Step 3. Stick the pieces of paper with Mod Podge completely covering the balloon (except the top, so you can still hold it). The paper we used was pretty thick, so we only applied two layers. With thinner paper (e.g. newspaper), you’d probably want to apply three or four layers, but it will also look better (less rough). When we finished applying the layers, we let it dry until the next day. It look like this:

Step 4. Once the paper is completely dry it’s time to pop the balloon.

Step 5. Paint it with acrylic paint. Get creative, go crazy.

We had a goal in mind, Mars. So we used a picture to get some inspiration.

Step 6. Let dry and it’s ready to hang in your room (or wherever you want :)).

We paired this craft with watching a video about Mars Facts for Kids. My four and a half year old absolutely loved this activity and we learned lots of new things about her favorite planet.