Snake Bubbles

This project is simple and it’s a lot of fun. Best thing is you don’t need any fancy equipment, it’s cheap, and it can be reused multiple times! My kids obviously love bubbles, but for some reason I had never heard about snake bubbles before. If you haven’t either, be prepared for this awesome activity.


  • Preparation time: 5 minutes

  • Age range: 2 and older (they need to know how to blow or you can blow the bubbles for them)

  • Degree of parent involvement during activity: medium for the little ones and none for the older ones

  • Entertainment time: 30 to 60 min, my kids like making snake bubbles multiple times a day/week

  • Level of success: very hight


  • Water

  • Soap

  • A container for the water and soap, e.g. a Tupperware

  • An empty plastic bottle

  • A sock (it can be a recycled one or you could keep using it after)

  • Scissors to cut the plastic bottle


Step 1. Pour some soap and water in a container. It has to be big enough that you will be able to dip the plastic water bottle in it. I played it by ear but the more soap you use the more and smaller bubbles you’ll get.

Step 2. Cut the bottom of the plastic water bottle and remove the lid.

Step 3. Put the sock on the bottle like this:

Step 4. Soak the bottle with the sock in the soap and water and blow. The snake bubbles will make the floor get wet, so I’d recommend playing outside if you can:

One tricky thing for the little ones is how to avoid getting soap in their mouths. My 2 year old can surprisingly blow a balloon but couldn’t really make snake bubbles. She tries to breath in with the bottle in her mouth and ends up with soap in her mouth. So instead, I make the bubbles for her and she still loves to play with these big chunks of bubbles.

My almost 5 year old also ran into this problem the first few times but she got it right after a few tries and now absolutely loves making snake bubbles.

I’m sure you and your little ones will have lots of fun making snake bubbles. Let me know how it goes!